Garden City AG International Worship Centre
Monday, Aug 03, 2020

Garden City AG International Worship Centre is a vibrant gathering of Christian people who have joined together with a common purpose to share the life-transforming power of God.

Our History: It began in the year 1991…a vision that was birthed in the mind of Ernest V George, a Bible student in Australia. In response to God’s call, he returned to India looking for hearts that beat along with his to start a church in the heart of Bangalore city. In 1994, as the vision began to unroll, a handful of people gathered together at a house in fasting and prayer, as days turned to months and then to years the size of the church grew. God was truly working in the midst of this group of committed people!

How Did We Get The Name?: GCAGIWC is located in the “Silicon Valley” of India – BANGALORE – also known as the “Garden City” of India!

Our Purpose: To bring people to Jesus, and MEMBERSHIP in His family, develop them to Christ like MATURITY, and equip them for their MINISTRY in the Church and life, MISSION in the world, in order to MAGNIFY God’s name.

What We Are Not: We do not claim to be the only true Church. We are not antagonistic to other Christian groups. We are not teachers of strange doctrines.

What We Are: We are Bible-loving, evangelical Christians who emphasize afresh the teachings of Scripture. We are part of a great worldwide fellowship whose message is heard in every land and on every major mission field.

In these exciting days of challenge and change, we need some constant things in our lives. A vibrant, loving, active Church-life does much to bring peace and stability to our lives and also to our homes. We welcome you to experience the presence of God through the worship and preaching of God’s word!

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